Audi driver Tambay to feature Playboy in the DTM

•   23-year-old Frenchman sporting the colors of the men’s magazine

•   Spectacular graphics for Edoardo Mortara’s Audi RS 5 DTM

•   Final tests as ‘rehearsal’ for season opener at Hockenheim

Ingolstadt, April 14, 2014 – In the last official DTM tests before the season starts, Audi is presenting the liveries of its Audi RS 5 DTM cars that had not been revealed yet. On Adrien Tambay’s race car, the famous black Playboy graphics are returning to the DTM.

Audi driver Tambay to feature Playboy in the DTM

From this Monday to Thursday, all eight Audi factory drivers are participating in the preparation for the DTM season opener on May 4. The drivers forming a squad together with DTM Champion Mike Rockenfeller and the two-time DTM Champions Mattias Ekström and Timo Scheider are sharing the testing time in four Audi RS 5 DTM cars. Following the successful track tests at Budapest, in which Audi set five out of eight possible best times, the main focus at the Hockenheimring will be placed on perfecting the processes, plus race simulations and set-up work for the first race.   “

The level of excitement about the season opener is rising. You can clearly tell that’s the case with all the drivers, engineers and mechanics,” says Dieter Gass, Head of DTM at Audi Sport. “We’re happy with the way the preparations have gone so far and are definitely a step further ahead than we were at this time last year. We’ve still got our plate full though just for Hockenheim. As the race weekends only give us one practice session before qualifying anymore, the final track tests will also be about achieving the best possible basic set-up for the first weekend in May. So we’re in for a heavy workload on these four days.”

Adrien Tambay is tackling the ‘rehearsal’ with special motivation. The graphics on his Audi RS 5 DTM make the 23-year-old Frenchman the new ‘Playboy’ in the DTM. “For a young sportsman like me that’s obviously the perfect sponsor,” says Tambay with a smile. “I’m proud of running with the Bunny adorning my roof. But being fast is even more important.”

Edoardo Mortara’s race car that advertises Audi’s sporty RS models with striking red elements features spectacular graphics as well. Newcomer Nico Müller will be starting from the grid in the 2014 season with the Audi Financial Services logo. Well-known graphics, not least due to the 2011 and 2013 title wins, are the colors of the Schaeffler Group with which Mike Rockenfeller will be running again.

During the Hockenheim track tests the grandstands will be open to spectators. Tickets for the 2014 DTM can be purchased online at or by calling +49 (0)841 8947777.

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Camaro vs. Mustang one of America’s Best Rivalries

Chevrolet celebrates five decades of Pony Car competition

NEW YORK – Ever since the days of the Hatfields and the McCoys, rivalries have been a cornerstone of American culture. Some become endlessly bitter feuds. Others, like the healthy competition between the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang, become a driving force for constant improvement.

“For five decades, the Camaro and the Mustang have been battling it out in every possible setting,” said Mark Reuss, executive vice president, GM Global Product Development. “These two cars have been striving to beat each other on the track, on the drag strip and on the streets. That competition is a big part of why both cars are so amazing, and so popular, today.”

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, industry experts offer perspectives on four iconic American rivalries:

Camaro vs. Mustang The Ford Mustang was introduced 50 years ago this week, creating a new class of transportation, the pony car. Three years later, Chevrolet introduced the Camaro as a direct competitor to the Mustang, and created one of the most enduring rivalries in the automotive industry.

“The new Camaro hit the ground running, and it’s been a battle royale ever since with the bowtie vs. the blue oval,” said Ken Gross, an automotive journalist for 40 years whose pieces have appeared in AutoWeek and The Robb Report. “Chevy readily admits its Camaro is constantly getting better, thanks to intense competition from Ford, and I’d agree.”

Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi The rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi has driven more than a century of innovation, according to beverage industry expert Jeff Cioletti, editor in chief of Beverage World magazine.

“Few rivalries have anything on the greatest face-off in consumer packaged goods history: Coke vs. Pepsi,” Cioletti said. “Both companies are better for the rivalry.  And it’s ultimately the consumers who have won.”

The rivalry began in 1898, when Pepsi entered the soft drink industry 13 years after Coca-Cola was invented. The two immediately took aim at each other, and an entire industry was created in their wake. Soda sold in cans, diet cola, and the Pepsi Challenge are milestones arising from the rivalry.

Jay Leno vs. David Letterman Arguably, the late-night television rivalry between Jay Leno and David Letterman was the most-public square-off in entertainment history. The rivalry began when both men were vying to replace Johnny Carson as host of “The Tonight Show,” with both filling in as guest hosts when Carson was unavailable.

When Carson named Leno as his successor, it surprised many, including Letterman, according to television industry expert Dade Hayes, executive editor at Broadcasting & Cable magazine. “Letterman idolized Carson and always expressed gratitude for having been discovered by Johnny,” Hayes said. “He believed he had verbally agreed to take over the show, but never formalized it in writing – never a recommended approach in show business.”

Famously, CBS seized the opportunity, and debuted “The Late Show with David Letterman” in 1993. The show was placed in the same time slot as “The Tonight Show,” and was a direct competitor from the start — something completely new in late night at that time.  The two famously strived to outperform the other in ratings and joked about each other on the air. But the rivalry drove each host to improve his show, and the ratings followed, dominating the late-night slot for almost two decades. Even nearing retirement, the two are intertwined. When Leno retired in February this year, Letterman announced his retirement mere months later.

Nike vs. Reebok A footwear industry rivalry flared in the 1970s as Nike brought its Cortez running shoe to market, taking the athletic footwear market by storm. Reebok countered toward the end of the decade with its similarly named Aztec, touching off a competition that would endure for years.

“The Nike vs. Reebok rivalry definitely ran deep,” said Brendan Dunne, editor at Sneaker News. “The 1990s saw them battling it out regularly. For example, Reebok was crushing the outdoor basketball market geared more towards street play with their Blacktop Pump series, so Nike higher-ups put out an immediate call for a response. The next day they got top designer Tinker Hatfield on a trip to New York City to do research for their own streetball shoe, which would eventually become the Nike Air Raid. The Nike/Reebok back and forth played out like a sneaker-centric espionage thriller and pushed each of the companies to create pinnacle products.”

As Ken Gross, the veteran automotive journalist puts it: “Competition always improves the breed. I’ll bet these two legendary nameplates will still be competing 50 years from now.”

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Stunning Speedback makes public debut at Top Marques in Monaco

David Brown Automotive Logo Stunning Speedback makes public debut at Top Marques in Monaco 

  • Speedback from David Brown Automotive receives public debut at exclusive Monaco show
  • Base-line price announced

Speedback in Monaco

Monaco (17th April 2014): The David Brown Automotive Speedback GT has been unveiled to the public for the first time at the Top Marques show in the suitably glamorous surroundings of Monaco. The car will be on display at the exclusive show, held at the Grimaldi Forum, until 20th April (stand F3) with orders being taken for this fabulous hand-built, British sportscar.

Company founder and CEO, David Brown was also on hand to announce the base-line price for Speedback GT: “I am delighted to announce that the price for Speedback GT will be £495,000, excluding local taxes. The finished cars are the product of thousands of hours of highly skilled, hand-built craftsmanship, and production will be limited to 100 vehicles. Of course with orders now being taken our team will work closely with purchasers to ensure that their Speedback is as bespoke as they wish – a process only possibly due to the latest low-volume manufacturing techniques we have employed to produce Speedback.”

After the media reveal in London late last month, the car has received a vast amount of praise and admiration from across the globe. This unique car, which uses the very best of modern British engineering and production skills combined with traditional skills, is based on the latest generation of Jaguar XKR. Each vehicle will be handcrafted to order.

“We are delighted at the response we have received from the media”, said David Brown. “Speedback has attracted interest from literally every country in the world and we are looking forward to showing the car to an international audience in Monaco and opening our order books for the first time.”

Potential customers who are unable to attend the event in Monaco are invited to record their interest with the sales team via the company’s newly launched full website Fans can also join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook using #HistoryInTheMaking.

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Rocky’ in #1 Audi for the first time

•   First test of the DTM Champion in his new race car

•   Audi drivers reel off a total of more than 7,600 kilometers at Hockenheim

•   Dieter Gass: “Learned a lot again about the new RS 5 DTM”

Ingolstadt/Hockenheim, April 17, 2014 – About two weeks before the 2014 DTM season opener, the Audi Sport Teams Abt Sportsline, Phoenix and Rosberg reeled off an extensive test program with the new Audi RS 5 DTM at the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg. Title defender Mike Rockenfeller drove his new race car – designated as car number ‘1’ of the reigning DTM Champion – for the first time in the tests.

‘Rocky’ in #1 Audi for the first time

On the track that on May 4 will also be the venue of the eagerly awaited first meeting of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the 2014 DTM, the eight Audi drivers completed more than 7,600 kilometers on four days. On his first outing in his new race car, Mike Rockenfeller immediately set a best time on Tuesday morning. The fastest lap in total within the Audi squad went to the title defender as well.    As in the previous test at Budapest (Hungary) Audi ran three race cars and one test car. In dry conditions throughout the tests, the three Audi teams managed to check off their long task list item by item.     “

We learned a lot again about the new RS 5 DTM and mainly worked towards the set-up for the race weekend on these four days,” said Dieter Gass, Head of DTM at Audi Sport. “Now we need to analyze the wealth of data we’ve been able to gather and do our homework that results from the test.”   Audi will start the new DTM season at the Hockenheimring on May 4 as the title defender. In the past seven years, the prestigious title went to Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm five times. Tickets for the 2014 DTM can be purchased online at or by calling +49 (0)841 8947777.

Quotes by the Audi drivers   Mattias Ekström (244 laps/1m 33.316s): “We again learned a lot in this test. It’s always good to go home from the last test before the season starts with a good feeling. This time I’ve still got mixed feelings. We’ve still got two interesting weeks ahead in order to analyze everything and to optimally prepare for the first race.”

Jamie Green (247 laps/1m 33.057s): “As before, at Budapest, we were again fortunate enough to have four dry test days. That helps a lot because we’ve got a new car that we’ve got to become more familiar with. I drove more than 100 laps on each of my four test days – that’s good too. Here we completed the whole program we’d planned. Now I’m eager to see where we stand when it counts – which is on the race weekend.”

Miguel Molina (216 laps/1m 33.427s): “From my point of view, it was a positive test. I think we’re ready for the season opener. We’ve got two weeks left to further improve and to analyze every minute detail that we tested here at Hockenheim.”

Nico Müller (185 laps/1m 33.542s): “We went through our program the way we’d planned. So as far that’s concerned, we’re pretty well prepared for the first race. Obviously, a few things still need to be sorted here and there and I’ve got to learn a couple of things too. But generally speaking, I’m very happy with the tests. I’m looking forward to the first race: we’re ready!”

Edoardo Mortara (176 laps/1m 32.957s): “We completed the test program we’d planned and tried out a lot of things. The test went pretty well, but we’ve still got a lot of work to do. Now we need to analyze the data to see what worked well and what didn’t work so well. It’ll be important now to draw the right conclusions and to put the best package together for the first race at Hockenheim.”  

Mike Rockenfeller (211 laps/1m 32.751s): “It’s been a very important test for us with many lessons learned. At the end of the last day, I had a pretty good long run that makes me feel optimistic: We made steps in the right direction. Now we’ve got to take a look at everything, analyze and draw the right conclusions for the first race. I’m eager to see where we stand when everybody shows their abilities.”

Timo Scheider (218 laps/1m 33.023s): “I’m happy that we had two really good days of testing – especially my last test day produced a lot of findings. The performance was there too. It’s important to take a positive feeling into the first race – also because the season opener takes place on the same track. We’ve still got some tasks to resolve. But on the whole, we did a very good job here.”  

Adrien Tambay (177 laps/1m 33.228s): “We had a lot of work to do and made the best out of it. I’ve got the feeling that things went even better here than they did in Hungary. We’ve still got some more work to do and I’m hoping that we’ll manage to sort everything by the time of the race. But I’m confident as far as that’s concerned.”

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Racing Seasons End and Begin Next Weekend for The Stuttgart Cup™ in The Mitty at Road Atlanta

Inaugural Winter Series Wraps as 2014 Season Begins for Cayman/Boxster Series; First Event Weekend in New Partnership with Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy USA; Series Race Together Friday Night in Stuttgart Cup/Mission Foods GT3 Challenge

ATLANTA (April 17, 2014) – The Stuttgart Cup will wrap up its Inaugural Winter Series championship and launch its 2014 racing season next weekend at The Classic Motorsports Magazine Mitty presented by Hagerty at Road Atlanta, April 24 – 27, where North America’s only racing series for Porsche Cayman and Boxster competitors will race for the first time in an official partnership with the Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy USA by Car Amigo.
The announcement of the two Porsche-based championships combining operations was made last month after the series first raced together in February’s HSR (Historic Sportscar Racing) Palm Beach Grand Prix at Palm Beach International Raceway. The Mitty will be the official debut of the new collaboration in action and strong entries have been received for both the Stuttgart Cup and Mission GT3.
Road Atlanta marks the end of the Stuttgart Cup’s first Winter Series that began late last year at Savannah, Daytona and Sebring and concludes with February’s 2014 race at Palm Beach and next weekend’s Mitty. The Road Atlanta weekend also serves as the first event of 2014, the kick-off race in a recently expanded calendar that will see first-time stops at Autobahn Country Club outside of Chicago, June 6 – 7, Pocono Raceway, August 14 – 17, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, September 19 – 21, and one additional event in July that will be announced in the near future. The eight-race 2014 schedule will conclude with return visits to Savannah, Daytona and Sebring in October, November and December, respectively.
Prior to the 2014 championship, however, the closely-contested Winter Series will conclude at The Mitty. Joe Sullivan, driving his No. 14 Al Holbert Racing/Lowenbrau liveried Cayman S, has a narrow one point lead over friend and fellow competitor Bill Riddell, 151 – 150. Riddell races a flat-black No. 05 Cayman S featuring the paint scheme of the prototype Porsche 918 Spyder.
Third in points, and also heading to The Mitty, is Keith Faver who races a No. 25 Cayman S carrying a theme inspired by the famous Golf/Wyer Porsche 917s. Faver’s teammate Jim Gray will also be racing at The Mitty where he will debut a new Martini Racing inspired livery on his renumbered No. 111 Cayman S.
Another debut will come from first-time series driver Rodrigo Sales who will race the No. 225 Cayman S that will pay tribute to the well-known Jagermeister-sponsored Porsches.
Lori Cassling also returns the The Stuttgart Cup with her popular No. 23 “Pink Pig” Cayman S that is modeled after the same bright pink Porsche 917/20 that raced at Le Mans for the one and only time in 1971.
The Boxster contingent will be led by multi-race winner Paul Reisman who will be at the wheel of his dark blue No. 70 Boxster.
Both the Stuttgart Cup and Mission Foods GT3 will be on track at The Mitty for Thursday’s test session as well as a full weekend schedule of practice, qualifying and sprint and enduro races Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  A highlight is Friday evening’s Stuttgart Cup/Mission Foods GT3 Challenge at 6:35 p.m. EDT that will see the series race together officially on track for the first time for separate class honors and race wins.
While the Stuttgart Cup has grown in popularity in just its second season of competition, the Mission Foods GT3 Trophy Cup has been a fixture on classic and historic race weekends for the last several seasons.  The series is home to Porsche’s popular 911-based GT3 and RS/RSR cars, from the 2000 model year on up to more recent editions of the venerable “Cup” car.
Like the Stuttgart Cup, Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy racing has a place for a wide variety of competitors, from amateur drivers to professional racing teams, and the series accommodates all GT3 Cup owners.  Both The Stuttgart Cup™ and Mission Foods GT3 Cup currently race primarily on HSR weekends but the partnership, and the increased competitor entries that it will bring, will likely see both series expand to new venues and sanctioning bodies in the coming months.

Mission Foods GT3 Cup will continue to have its own season-long championship and sprint and enduro races on every race weekend, identical to The Stuttgart Cup™ series.  All types of GT3 Cup cars are welcome in the Mission Foods series, including RS and RSRs, GT3Rs, Rolex “GRAND-AM” cars, 996s and 997 GT3 Cup cars with both 3.6 and 3.8 liter engines.

Follow Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy USA by Car Amigo at and The Stuttgart Cup™ on Facebook at The Stuttgart Cup and on Twitter @StuttgartCup.  For additional information, questions and inquiries, please visit The Stuttgart Cup™ is sanctioned by Historic SportsCar Racing (HSR), with more information available at

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Formula DRIFT Announces Further Details on the 2015 World Championship


Long Beach, Calif. – April 11, 2014 – Formula DRIFT has announced additional information on the 2015 World Championship that include details on event rounds and locations, competition format, confirmation of all Formula DRIFT Pro licenses to be valid for the World Championship and the petition process for international drivers. In addition, Formula DRIFT has confirmed that three rounds of the World Championship will offer a separate Triple Crown prize purse with a possible USD $100,000 up for grabs.

The World Championship will encompass all US Formula DRIFT Championship rounds plus two to three international rounds. The select international rounds will be vetted by Formula DRIFT through the 2014 season with all existing Formula DRIFT international rounds to be considered, including previous international venues.

The competition format will be based off the traditional top 32 head-to-head format. Formula DRIFT also confirms that all Formula DRIFT Pro Licenses are considered valid for the World Championship as well as selected Formula Drift Affiliate Series drivers will be eligible as well, while all other international drivers will need to go through a petition process in order to qualify. Additionally, three selected rounds of the World Championship will constitute its own Triple Crown with a prize pool of a possible USD $100,000.

“We have laid out the groundwork to complete this ambitious task in front of us in an effort to help bring the sport of drifting to the next level,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT.

Formula DRIFT recently completed the first event of the 2014 season with Round 1: Streets of Long Beach with over 20,000 fans in attendance and a Driftstream live broadcast shown to over 235,000 unique IPs/individual connections with over 1 million views.

The season continues to Round 2: Road to the Championship in Atlanta on March 9-10.  For more information visit:  and find Formula DRIFT on Instagram @formulad, Facebook and Twitter @FormulaD.

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Pirelli World Challenge 25th Anniversary Poster Unveiled

LONG BEACH, Calif. – On Saturday, a special painting created for the Pirelli World Challenge Championships’ 25th Anniversary was unveiled. The watercolor painting, in partnership with Pirelli, was created by California artist Hector Cademartori, and features a number of historic Pirelli World Challenge race cars that have competed over the last 25 years. A poster created from the painting was handed out to fans during Saturday’s driver autograph session for Round 2 of the season, The Roar By the  Shore Presented by Kia, in Long Beach. There are plans for distribution of the poster at future autograph sessions throughout the rest of 2014.

 ”Pirelli is an enterprise deeply rooted in tradition and motorsport, we have been racing for 107 years and enjoy the opportunity to celebrate this milestone accomplishment with our partner WC Vision ,” said Rafael Navarro, VP Communications, Media Relations & Motorsports. “We are proud of our title sponsorship with Pirelli World Challenge and Hector Cademartori has done a marvelous job of capturing the style and passion of the series with this piece of art.”
“One of the things that World Challenge has captured, more than any other series, is to present a field in which you have several manufacturers in all classes, that have equal opportunities to fight for the win,” Cademartori said. “I have always thought that the type of racing that World Challenge presented was great, was real racing with close competition. Now to create a painting for the 25th Anniversary, it was an honor.”
 Starting with the inaugural series champion, R.K. Smith in a Chevrolet Corvette in 1990, through the four class champions in 2013: Johnny O’Connell in a Cadillac CTS-V.R (GT), Lawson Aschenbach in the Blackdog Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro (GTS), Ryan Winchester in the Compass360 Racing Honda Civic Si (TC) and Robbie Davis in the MINI of Charleston Racing Mini Cooper (TCB), there’s a wealth of memorable cars and drivers on the print.
                        Seven-time series champion Peter Cunningham, arguably the most successful driver in series history, is featured prominently in the Real Time Racing Acura TSX. Cunningham holds most series records since the series’ inception, and moves into the GT class later this year at Detroit with the new Acura TLX GT.
                        Others featured include James Sofronas of GMG Racing (Audi R8), one of Pirelli World Challenge’s most veteran stakeholders with more than 150 career starts and seven career victories, and past series champions Tommy Archer (Viper), Michael Galati (Audi S4), Randy Pobst (Volvo S60) and Patrick Long (Porsche 911). Long’s presence owes to his winning the 2011 GT class championship, the first year Pirelli served as title sponsor.
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BMW Team RLL Finishes 2nd and 6th at Long Beach

BMW Remains at the Front of the GTLM Driver and Team Points Standings

Woodcliff Lake, N.J. – April 12, 2014 . . . Third race, third podium: BMW Team RLL raced to a third consecutive podium in the 2014 TUDOR United SportsCar Championship, finishing second and sixth in today’s Sports Car Showcase at Long Beach.
John Edwards and Dirk Müller scored their first podium finish of the season, racing the No. 56 Z4 GTLM to second place. Completing 75 laps around the 1.968-mile, 11-turn temporary street circuit, the duo finished 5.408 seconds behind the winning No. 3 Corvette in the 100-minute race. Edwards and Müller ran a flawless race with Edwards starting from third and moving to second on the first lap. A slower prototype car got in between the GTLM leader and Edwards effectively ending his chance to attack. He handed off to Müller on lap 31 and the BMW Motorsport driver had a great battle to hold off the No. 4 Corvette for the remaining hour of the race. Today’s result moves the pair to fourth in the GTLM points standings.
Bill Auberlen and Andy Priaulx had a disappointing finish to an excellent start, finishing sixth in the No. 55 Z4 GTLM. Priaulx started the race from the second position, dropping behind Edwards on the first lap. The teammates ran nose-to-tail for 40 minutes before Edwards pitted on lap 31. As Priaulx entered the pit lane on lap 32 he nicked the wall and knocked off the right side mirror. Auberlen had to wait an extra 15 seconds for the crew to replace the door, rejoining the race in eighth place. The defending race winner put his head down, passing the No. 62 Ferrari on lap 35 and the No. 91 Viper 16 laps later. The remaining 24 laps were not enough to make up one more position, with Auberlen finishing off the podium for the first race this season in sixth, but with enough points to retain the lead in the driver points standings.
“Second was a good finish for us today,” said Bobby Rahal, Team Principal. “We got held up in the beginning by one of the prototypes, and that really was the difference. It was unfortunate that Andy just touched the wall when he came in and took the mirror off. By the time they replaced the door they had lost valuable time. I was disappointed for the 55 car, but they scored points and kept the championship lead.”
Gordon McDonnell, BMWNA Motorsport Manager added, “Overall, I believe we can consider this a good weekend for BMW. Fulfilling our objective of leaving Long Beach with the championship lead is important, as well as continuing our streak of podium finishes. Congratulations to Dirk and John and the No. 56 crew.”
John Edwards, driver No. 56 Z4 GTLM – “This is my first podium of the year and my first podium at Long Beach. It was a really hard fight, especially with the prototype at the beginning when we lost too much ground, and with no yellows throughout the race we could never make it up. I am happy with second considering all the variables, but I really think we had the pace to pressure Magnussen and Garcia if we hadn’t been delayed at the beginning.”
Dirk Müller, driver No. 56 Z4 GTLM – “Sometimes there are second places that come easily, but this was not one of those. John did a fantastic job in the beginning and really had a good start and moved up to second. Unfortunately the prototype in front us slowed us and allowed the leader get away. There were no yellows, which was good for the spectators, but unlucky for us. I had lots of understeer, which meant I could not attack, but my car was quick enough to keep Tommy (Milner) behind me.”
Bill Auberlen, driver No. 55 Z4 GTLM – “That was certainly not the finish we wanted! All you can ask for is to have a car capable of winning. We had that today, but a bit of bad luck cost us. Fortunately, we did not lose the lead in the championship. If that was our bad luck for the year we’ll take it.”
Andy Priaulx, driver No. 55 Z4 GTLM – “From the moment the Z4 left the pits to the moment I jumped out of it I felt really strong. Unfortunately, I had some bad luck. I got delayed by the prototypes and that cost us some seconds on the way into the pits. I lost the mirror and that cost us some more time. Unfortunately in a short race like this you can’t have that happen. There were no yellows and we just needed one to be back up there. It is just disappointing we are not where we wanted to be, but we are still leading the championship.”   Round Four of the 2014 TUDOR United SportsCar Championship, the Monterey Grand Prix, will take place at Laguna Seca Raceway, in Monterey, Calif., on Sunday, May 4th. The race will be broadcast live on Fox Sports 1 beginning at 5:30 p.m. ET. Follow BMW Team RLL on Twitter at @BMWUSARacing for “from-the-pit-box” updates all weekend. More information on the program can be found at and
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Event to Benefit Gleaners Community Food Bank and the Bottomless Toy Chest

DECATUR, Ind. – Lingenfelter Performance Engineering opens its doors for the 2014 Collection Open House to benefit charity on Saturday, April 26 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Lingenfelter Motorsports, 819 Lochlin Drive in Brighton, Mich.     

Donations accepted at this year’s Collection Open House will benefit Gleaners Community Food Bank, which provides support to a broad population in southeastern Michigan, as well as The Bottomless Toy Chest, which delivers art projects, crafts and interactive games to hospitalized pediatric cancer patients.  

The Lingenfelter Collection, known as one of the most impressive car collections in the country, features more than 200 vehicles including historically significant Corvettes, muscle cars and late model exotic vehicles that have been secured since 1980 by Ken Lingenfelter, CEO/owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Ken and Mike Copeland, vice president and general manager of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, will be on hand to answer questions about Lingenfelter vehicles, products and services.       New to the collection are a 1989 Ferrari GTS, a 1964 Chevy Nova II Wagon fully restored by American Collector Car magazine and a 1971 LT1 Corvette with several rare options. Also displayed will be five special Lingenfelter Corvettes just returned from a special exhibit celebrating 60 years of the Corvette at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky.

Much of the collection can be viewed at   For more information, call 248-486-5342.

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Jimmy Alund Wins Pro-Stock at Four-Wide Nationals with Holley Gen 3 Dominator

Autocross Champion Danny Popp Wins Goodguys Autocrosser of the Year

The KB/Summit Racing Equipment Camaro driven by Jimmy Alund, won Pro Stock at the 5th Annual NHRA Four-Wide Nationals held in Concord, North Carolina, April 13, 2014 with a pair of Holley’s new Gen 3 Ultra Dominator carburetors.

Alund piloted the Camaro with a 6.562 second E.T. at 211.59 mph to beat the rest of the field, and added to the impressive list of wins the team has posted while using Holley’s Gen 3 Dominator carburetor. These include teammate Jason Line’s win at the 2014 Winternationals, and a win at the 2013 NHRA Fall Nationals. “The Holley Gen 3 Dominator is showing it’s potential in one of the most demanding forms of racing,” says Bill Tichenor, Director of Marketing at Holley Performance. “Pro Stock requires a carburetor to not only make power, but it must make consistent and drivable power.”
Aside from the ability to fully adjust the Gen 3′s billet aluminum metering blocks, the carburetor’s main body is 5/16-inch taller than the previous generation carburetor, which allows for more air to flow into the engine.The fuel bowls offer 20% greater fuel capacity and nine other new features. The carbs are all-aluminum which makes them 3.8 lbs. lighter than early Dominator models. Built for all-out racing applications, the Gen 3 Ultra Dominator carburetors also feature modified skirt boosters on the 1350 CFM & 1475 CFM models to maintain a strong fuel signal, and come ready for factory-style TPS mounting for use with data acquisition systems. The carbs also have an all new idle bypass valve which offers racers full control of their idle circuit.
“We congratulate the KB/Summit Racing Equipment team on their win, and Jimmy Alund in becoming the first European winner and only the fourth non-American winner in the NHRA Mello Yellow Drag Racing Series,” said Tichenor. For additional information on Holley Performance products, visit

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